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湖北农业信息网讯:荷兰某公司一直积极致力于为园艺行业研究杀死病原体(如线虫和真菌)的生物土壤消毒方法,现在,该公司愿意出让其技术,同意在修改后用于杂草防除。该技术的优点是,不需要使用化学药品或能源去蒸煮或燃烧。该公司正在寻求能够真正支持该环保型杂草防除方法的种植者、承包商、科研机构和科研组织,进行技术合作。 荷兰某公司已研制出一种生物土壤消毒方法。该方法使用100%植物提取颗粒(或液体),其中含有高蛋白成分,可以放在土壤中,然后在3-4周时用塑料薄膜把土壤覆盖住。 实验室和实践中的许多实验均表明,多数情况下,在经历这段时间之后,土壤就不会再出现由病原性线虫和真菌导致的问题疾病。该公司希望修改该杂草防除方法,并寻求能够真正支持该环保型杂草防除方法的种植者、承包商、科研机构和科研组织,进行共同开发。 开发该杂草防除方法的最具挑战性部分是使种子失去活性,a)单位体积土壤中散布有数百万粒种子,b)这些种子得到非常好的保护,能够适应土壤中的各种环境。例如,有证据证明,在干燥气候条件下,杂草种子就可能失去活性。但是,在湿润土壤中的种子似乎适应了洪水环境,从而适应厌氧环境条件。 电 话:027-87665256.027-87661989 传 真:027-87665256 邮 箱 Title: A new biological method for weed control. Abstract: A Dutch company active in biological soil disinfection for the horticulture sector to kill the pathogens is offering the technology to adapt it to weed control. The advantages will be no use of chemicals or energy for steaming/burning. The company is looking for technical co-operation with growers, contractors and research institutes and organisations that can actually support this environmental friendly weed control method in the sector.Description: A Dutch company has a method for biological soil disinfection. This method uses 100% plant-based granulates with high protein contents, which are put in the soil, followed by covering the soil with a plastic foil during 3-4 weeks. Many experiments, both in the laboratory and in practice, have shown that after this period the soil is, in most cases, free from problematic diseases caused by pathogenic nematodes and fungi. The company wants to modify the method for weed control and is looking for growers, contractors and research institutes to co-develop it and organizations that can actually support this environmental friendly weed control method in the sector. The most challenging part of developing the weed control is the inactivation of the seed a) the soil is infested with millions of seeds per volume of soil, b) this seeds are very well protected against circumstances occurring in the soil. There is evidence for example in dry climates that weed –seeds inactivation occurs. However in wet soils seems to be an adaptation of the seeds to inundation, and therefore anaerobic conditions. Innovations and advantages of the offer Innovation: The working principle is based on creating anaerobic soil conditions. A protein rich plant-based garnulate is then anaerobically digested and the metabolits such as fatty accids, methane and hydrogen sulfide to create a disadvantuous environment for the weeds and inactivate the seeds. Advantages of the biological weed control method to be developed will be: - ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY. No use of chemical herbicides that are problemtaic to the environment. Another alternative burning/steaming requires large amounts of energy. - EASY TO APPLY. Applying 100% plant-based granulates with high protein contents and covering the soil with a plastic foil does not require special equipment and can be performed by most contractors. - POSSITIVE EFFECT ON THE SOIL. When chemicals or burning/steaming are used, the biological balance in the soil is disturbed. Moreover, burning/steaming often impairs the soil structure. In contrast the proposed biological weed control method will add useful organic materials and life to the soil. ! It improves soil chemical and physical properties, as it increase organic matter content. - EXTRA CROP YIELD. It is anticipated that the improved chemical, physical and biological soil properities will increase the crop yield as is the case with the biological soil disinfection. - FUTURE ORIENTED. Chemical control is under increasing international pressure and burning/steaming gets more and more expensive. Biological weed control will therefore become increasingly more attractive. Current and Potential Domain of Application The weed control method can be used for the horticulture sector . List of Keywords Technology Agriculture Biocontrol Horticulture Market Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry and Related Products Current Stage of Development Available for demonstration Exploitation of RTD Results National Programmes Intellectual Property Rights Patent granted Comments World wide Collaboration Type License Agreement Joint further development Testing of new applications Adaptation to specific needs Comments - Type of partner sought and Tasks: The company is looking for different partners from the horticulture sector : 1)Growers and contractors that will actually use the system; 2)Research institutes for the research on weed conctol, especially the seed inactivation, service field trials and do the independent validation test; - Specific area of activity of the partner: users, reserachers, service providers. phone: 027-87665256.027-87661989 fax: 027-87665256